Dezzi’s Travel Log w/ Kissy, Lshante, & Jezzebel

Newest pics from my travels around the world. I had such a blast. So many new Facebook friends!!

In the streets of Taiwan w/ Kissy. It was dirty but food was cheap.

The Great Wall! My top kept falling down. Lshante kept running and Chinese official told her to stop.

Christmas in Times Square!!

These women were very nice… then Jezzebel opened a beer and the their looks turned sour.

These are some friends we met at a club in Miami before we left. Monis bought me a shot of Patron but then I threw up. Still fun night though.

Layover in NYC! Sooo cool!!


OK OK. We were there for work, checking on the conditions of a Chinese sweat shop. Everything’s cool though.

Managed to slip away to Egypt for a bit. It was hot!!

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