PICS: People of Wal-Mart Trashyness

People of Wal-Mart is a genius website where randoms capture and submit pictures of the grotesqueness of American Wal-Mart shoppers. These pics range from slutty grandmas, to bedazzled transvestites, to highly inappropriate indecent exposure. Here is my collection of some of the funniest and sickest pictures from People of Wal-Mart.

why hello..

Little miss perfect.

Absolutely heinous…

Is this legal??

That ain’t right!

“Hello… welcome to Wal-Mart…. can I see your receipt? I know you stole that you ##&!

So that’s what “low cut” means…

Hmm… those seem a tad too small

Loving where this ensemble is going…

I beg to differ…
Source: People of Wal-Mart



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4 Responses to PICS: People of Wal-Mart Trashyness

  1. kiki says:

    omg how could these pople do tht

  2. MichaelC2B says:

    Wow – I have seen some real doozies at WM, but these pics get the prize. That woman in the red sweatshirt with the huge black eyebrows? I think she was my music teacher in grade school.
    Seriously though – WTF?! These are actually frightening.

  3. Daily WTF says:

    some really funny pictures in here.. some of them are total WTF though :P

  4. James Via Johanson says:

    she has a really nice fanny pack (pic #1)

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