Creepy doll faces

I’m sure you’ve been to If not- it’s a genius site with a community of LOL cats. It’s dedicated to pictures of cats in a weird positions containing a random phrase spelled completely messed. LOL cats are great, but they’re getting a bit old- BFB is testing some original content and would like to introduce a similar concept- Creepy LOL Dolls.

Creepy LOL dolls can be found by strolling through your local Dollar General, Roses, Wal-Mart, or any other non-legitimate discount store. If a doll makes you feel completely awkward (or you believe it’s talking to you)- snap a shot and email it direct from your phone to

Our purpose is to pull the funniest crap from the web and bring it to one site. In addition- we bring you original content & would love your feedback and/or submissions!

More Creepy LOL dolls


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