Mugshots Taken on Bad Hair Days

Not only must it suck to have your mugshot taken at all.. but having one made when you’re having a bad hair day? It doesn’t get any more humiliating. Here are some of the best arrest pics I could find of the worst hairdos with more pics of what I think they look like:

This guy is growing a dirty mustache on his forehead. Not only is the look of the “haircut” in general absolutely disgusting- but to (literally) top it all off, his upper ‘stach is looking greasy.

Don’t look it in the eye! This Medusa-inspired hairdo fits the man/woman wearing it perfectly. I would say male- but is that mascara running down the cheek?

Zapdos! This highlighted trihawk instantly reminded me of a Pokemon. Nice V-neck.

Nice mane. He’s a natural star for the Lion in “The Wizard of Oz.” No costume required. I wonder if he has fleas?

Poodle hair! I wonder what this grey-haired hippie smoked to land him in the slammer. He still looks a little high.

This goth’s nasty red goatee and slicked back greased hair make him look like a devil. He’s got the evil little grin that reminds me of Tim Curry as Darkness from the old school movie, “Legend.”



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