u8a22 – Shameless Youtube Girl Sings. Completely Amazing.

Update – 1/24/11: u8a22 is back on YouTube after deleting all of her original videos a few months ago for unknown reasons. Click here to read more and see her newest video. To watch the last video she uploaded before her disappearance, click here. The following videos were originally on her channel but have been uploaded by other users.

Original article:

Still confused on what to make of this but it’s basically your fun ole’ West Virginian having a grand time in front of her “flip video camcorder.” This fox sings songs on her YouTube channel and dedicates some to other online users. Her motions are hilarious and the song selections are a great delight. Dave Matthews “Crash into me” is just perfect. These videos always put a smile on my face.

“Sweet Home Alabama”

“Crash into me”

Comments we enjoyed:


“I’ve been waiting 30 years for my first LSD flashback.Thank you lord,thank you.!!!!!!!!!”


“The shocking part is she has a computer and knows how to use it.”


“Why has Wal-Mart not signed this lady as their spokeswoman?”


“i think i’m in hell.”


“I am terrified to say anything bad…are you guys sure she isn’t a serial killer?”


“You are a beautiful baby angel”



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