u8a22 wears ‘Shady Bitch’ and sings Whitney Houston

UPDATE: R.I.P Whitney Houston (Feb. 11, 2012).

Our favorite girl is back– and this time better than ever. u8a22 (You ate a 22 rifle.. or tu-tu??) sings “I want to dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston. She gives us (Polly & Crackers) an awesome shout out and stellar performance while wearing our shirt- Shady Bitch. It has plenty of spice that will get you going with lots of cheap thrills along the way. Bless her dear heart!

Here are some Youtube comments:


“at 4:20 she reverts to her deep trailer trash voice”


“she picked the dog up by his ear… if you watch carefully….”


“I so touched myself to this.”


“It sounds like you’ve been drinking too much of your Sunny D and Rum.”

Click here for more videos by u8a22.



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  1. i talk to chirs athey (u8a22) the reason why she deleted all of her videos is because people were making fun of her and her dad made her take them off of facebook but she is a cool person and i want that shady bitch t.shirt i think u should make a skank ball t.shirt

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