The Bum Bum Song

I received an email earlier from the crazy ass man that made the following video. I was immediately blown away by how sick it is and had to debate whether or not I should blog it. Really, it is by no means OK and will probably burn out your eyes and/or give you nightmares. But for some reason I can’t stop playing it and the song is getting stuck in my head. I love how completely random it is and how it keeps getting worse and more crazy.

His name is Michael McLaughlin [YouTuber thebehtbeht].. the only Canadian I’ve ever known to be this much of a sick freak. In this video he’s hosting an episode of “Things You Should Do” with the lesson being, what to do if your best friend tells you he’s gay. I would not advise picking the third option he gives you.

What makes it even better/worse is that it currently has a little over 150 views with more ‘dislikes’ than ‘likes‘ [He only uploaded it a few days ago] But I must admit that I respect this guy! I plan to be just as insane at his age.. and I’m already slowly getting there.

It starts a little slow.. but the song starts around :50 in, so bear with him. That’s when things start to get wild/creepy.

The hole in his gross, skimpy underwear is the cherry on my skinny, balding cake. If you haven’t noticed yet.. I [& the rest of bestfunnyblog] find the most outrageous, sickest ##&! to be hilarious. If you don’t like it, you can lick my left nip.


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