Sex For Food: McDonald’s Hooker Charged For Child Prostitution

Faelyn Ritz, an 18-year-old girl with a large appetite for both food & sex, was arrested on 5/28/12 in Tempe, Arizona after Ritz and another of her girl friends reportedly made a deal with two men to exchange sex for a meal from McDonald’s. As if agreeing to suck nuggets for a dollar burger wasn’t bad enough – the friend Ritz had with her was only 14-years-old! Now the fast food floozy is facing child prostitution charges. Apparently, Ritz told the police she had been a street walker since she was only 15, and usually charged $200 hour to be degraded. Business must have been slow that day, or her appetite gaping, as she was willing to lower her fee down to a nutritious $6 meal..


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