This is within RADIUS of our HEADQUARTERS! A BOZ!!

This is an absolutely sad, wrong, and terrifying Craigslist personal. Read through and stumble upon the many surprises. Sorry about getting sidetrack with the whole “T-boz” issue but it had to be disguessed. Did I mention this was posted within 30 miles from the BestFunnyBlog and Polly & Crackers base?! WHA?!

Grab me some spermicide and a coffee enema. I’m goin in.

The following is the original post:

“Hey i am a 20 year old white female looking for friends i live in boiling spring lakes i am mega bored out here. I dont have a car so i am looking for guys that can drive and dont mind the miles like i dont want any one like 2 hours away or anything but hell someone i can chill with.

Here is a lil about me i am preg at the moment with twins a lil boy and a lil gurl. i am 5″1 i am chuby so you have to like chubby chick if your not down with them then i am not the girl 4 you. im not looking for a F*** buddy or anything in them lines i think fb or a waste of time. and life is to short to waste, i do not find cockyness attractive at all i think its stupid but any way i like the outdoors i am a tomboy im not going to cry if i get a lil dirt on me. i have dirty blonde hair blue eyes. i live with my ma an her room mate. but if you feel you want to get to know me or you have a ? then hit me up.”

Hope we helped spread the word!


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