People of Walmart – More Pics of Weird, Crazy, & Fat Americans!!

Look at those baby blues…

One of my all time fav’s. Will be forever.

Baby got back!

Pregnant/obese Wal-Mart Cowgirl? WTF?!

I have a great idea- let’s eat 5,000 cheeseburgers, wear something tiny that’s about to bust- NO WAIT I GOT IT– I think I’ll just put on some skimpy undies. Alright, now I’m all set- ready for Wal-Mart.

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  1. really you people all to be ashame of yourself invading people embarressing momnets like that and sometime this stuff isnt even funny would you guys want somebody to do you like this i know sometime i might laugh at this but i relize i dont want any body to this to me this is called this is called bulling these thing are childless people can harm there selfs or someone eles or they cold even die

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