Burglar found with mouse lodged in A$$

According to this WIS News 10 article, 24-year-old Noah Smith was arrested by Oconee County sheriff’s deputies after a burglary call was made. When the police originally arrived to the scene, Smith was found lying naked inside the doorway of the victim’s home. The report says that “when the deputy tried to make contact with Smith, he slapped the deputy. In return, the deputy deployed his taser, which had no effect on Smith”

Apparently Smith was then able to run into the bedroom, where he stayed until reinforcements arrived. A deputy somehow managed to handcuff the wild burglar, but he began kicking at the officers and evading complete capture. So he was pepper sprayed. Then beat with a baton. Still, Smith kept kicking and biting at the deputies.

Finally, they threw a blanket over his head and wrestled him to the ground– where they were able to put shackles on his legs and “hog-tie” his arms.

Police found evidence in the victim’s home that suggested Noah had been high on shrooms.

But the best part? When Mr. Smith underwent a medical exam at the hospital, “medical personnel found a USB cord hanging from Smith’s rectum. An X-ray revealed the culprit — a [computer] mouse — lodged inside Smith.” He told the ER staff that he could not remember anything that happened.

“After the medical exam, he was charged with resisting arrest, 1st and 3rd degree assault a battery charges, and indecent exposure.”

Apparently, shrooms can make you immune to tasers, mace, and beat sticks. But you still can’t resist the sexual lure of computer peripheral.


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