Oh No He Didn’t! Little Boy Defends His Lesbian Mother Against Michele Bachmann

An 8-year-old South Carolinian boy tells Michele Bachmann, “My Mommy doesn’t need fixing!” at a book signing she had recently promoting her new book titled, “Core of Conviction: My Story”. The boy, timid and shy, had no problem after a little coaxing to say: “My Mommy, Miss Bachmann, my Mommy is gay but she doesn’t need fixing.” Michele, staying true to form, shot the mom an awful look and they walked off. I will give it to the ones who made this video, your mic worked great! The words were so low that a mouse had to strain to hear it! It had me worried I needed to go have my ears checked. So I had to watch this video a couple times to get the jist.

Michele’s face is pretty priceless. I guess women of her stature are not used to hearing the voices of the smaller citizens, or the voices of anyone for that matter. “Gays” need fixing is her latest stab to the gay/lesbian community. Stating herself, “They can get married, but abide by the same laws as everyone else. They can marry a man if they’re a woman, and they can marry a woman if they’re a man.” Well, Miche
le Bachmann, where is the fun in that? So for a little boy to say something in defense of his parent is astounding and profound. It’s just such a shame so few will have the chance to invest in a hearing aide to watch this video. 

I’m all for the rights of everyone. Peace and love and all that jazz. However, to the lesbian raising this adorable little boy, fight your own battles sweetheart and at least have the cahones (balls for the lesser) to say it yourself.


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