Leslie Hall – Keeper of Gem Sweaters?!

Ok so this hot mama, Leslie Hall, is some lovable psycho who, during high school, apparently entered a Homecoming Queen contest and for the parade wore a neck brace and a pink gown from Goodwill. This gained her local attention and an apparent desire to go for the gold [pants] in the most unflattering ways possible. This is the gem she’s grown into.

[Please excuse any inaccurate information.  I only read Wikipedia because I wanted to confirm my theory that she was a drag queen. Butt.. I was mistaken]

Irregardless! I like this type of crazy! And Polly definitely loves the attitude!

Razzle mah dazzle!

“With these shoulder pads I have the strength to destroy villages, homes, and crops”


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  1. re: jewel

    just saw that overshtock is out of em. bummerz. but waiiit. you can break into your 5th grade band teachers apartment and steal an oversized sweater (meanwhile swing by the toilet and drop a loaf, pour a can of golden anniversary beer over your titties, and take nudie photos of yourself with his cat–meow). then go to dez’s house where one can find a hotglue gun next to mommy’s dildo. Also, this drawer is equipped with shiny bullshit dez used to bedazzle his asshole with when we were still trying to figure out where our vaginas were located. shtick the crap on the shtolen shweater and sick em :)



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