Keenan Cahill – The Rundown + 3 New Videos

If you didn’t know, Keenan Cahill (born 1995) is a 15 y.o Chicago based YouTube phenomenon. He is an original, lip syncing mini man-diva. His song choice, dance moves, and rare genetic disease has landed him over 200 million YouTube views. Check out some of his newest videos, including a Smartwater commercial with Jennifer Aniston. And if you don’t like this lil midg thang- you can kiss the tip

Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral – Smartwater

Devo – “Whip It.” The Serenading Unicorn (Juicy Fruit Unicorn) & Keenan Cahill merge in to a colossal mess.

David Guetta – “One More Love Album Megamix” Keenan Cahill performs the hits.



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  1. Your blog is my herion… I never stop using it… Cept when I’m out of herion and I have to go see Rocky…

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