The rundown: Father gave his 18-month-old son cigarettes (Why? That is unknown). The family is filming the smoking baby and smiling.. Indonesia must be a fun country. Also, the girl in the upper left picture looks like she came straight from a club while the father looks like a crack addict.

The baby is now addicted to nicotine.. he crys & gets sick without his cigs. Indonesia child protection put the baby in rehab and now he’s down to 15 cigs/day (from 40).

My question is what has the world come to? This baby can light up another using the end of an extinguishing cig. He’s extremely overweight, lives in a shack, and has a crazy face. Can this bitch even speak?

At least the baby isn’t eating glass… or being microwaved. Always look on the bright side.

This story came out earlier this summer but needed to be referenced on bestfunnyblog.. because following the lives of fat smoking babies is important.



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