Crazy Woman Punches Workers, Shatters McDonald’s Window

“I juz wanted sum nugz.”

Meet Melodi Dushane, a 24-year-old psycho who has a nugget obsession and some issues with rage. Like the reporter in this funny video says, the story is slightly old, but authorities have only recently released this amazing footage. This “evidence” is from a surveillance camera at a McDonald’s in Toledo, Ohio.

Melodi blamed the attack on the fact that she suffers from panic attacks and had been drinking. Her excuse (plus the fact that the incident happened during the early morning of this past New Year’s day) is a strong indication that she was also drinking and driving at the time. But it was the “vandalism” that landed her in jail for 60 days, and three years of community service. She also has to pay more than $1,500 for the broken window and damages.

I mean, we all get the drunken munchies, but come on, Melodi.. that’s a lot to pay for some processed chicken nuggets! Gotta love that American fast food rage.



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