VIDS: Ridiculous & Skewed Drag Queen Videos

I didn’t finish half of these videos because they are beyond ridiculous. I must admit however that I bartend at gay club, am surrounded by drag queens, and I have a big heart for the super trashy ones. Make sure you light up before watching these.

This is terrifying. The obnoxious burger biting during the intro is entertaining. The man/woman’s pizza face is not.

“Oh just one sec. I gotta make sure there ain’t no run in my hose.” Love the “Popsicles” T Shirt” ;)

This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Was this filmed in the corner of a trailer? That cheetah one piece not legit!

A very heinous & tragic opening. Wouldn’t you agree?

That was absolutely terrible. But I enjoyed the outfits and the trashy backdrop.

Possibly the creepiest drag queen I’ve ever seen.

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