Couple Tapes Their Child to the Wall! Seriously?

Lincoln, Nebraska

Trailer trash of America is getting out of control! A couple duct taped their two-year-old boy to a wall and then took pictures. The husband and wife thought it would be funny to duct tape their childs hands, make him stick up his middle finger, and plant him on a wall.. all while taking pictures. Daddy held him while mommy taped. They also taped a sippie cup on the wall just out of his reach. If the cup was filled with an alcoholic beverage- this would really be an issue.

I wouldn’t say this story is funny- just out of control. The mom only got 10 days in jail and was allowed to keep her child. At first I thought the couple was two lesbians because the father looks like a member from Ace of Base. These parents were completely messed when doing this (thank heavens). Drug paraphernalia was in the house and in the pics.


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