Chris (u8a22) Doesn’t Just Sing!

I am clinically obsessed with Chris. No matter how ##&!y I feel, I can always go to her page and smile. Over the past 6 months, my baby has made the ultimate YouTube comeback, with over 100 uploads (she once deleted her account and was almost lost forever). Although Chris is known for her singing talents, she also records some other “feature films.” Here are a few of the best :)

LarryBret Comes to Lunch Pt II

No words can really describe how I feel about this one.


What the hell is that cat eating?

Funny but TRUE Story

“I was all dressed up in my Bret Michaels T-Shirt”

LarryBrett Rocks My World

Thank You Guys

Wearing one of the tees that we sent her! She picked it out.


Clown Tunes Ep. 1: You Needed Me

Every Rose Has It’s Throne Live

I had to include at least one traditional video.

*IF you like these- Make sure to check out more of Chris’s videos

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