Betty Butterfield – Unitarian Church

According to Wiki, Butterfield’s clips “struggle to find a religion and/or church where she feels at home.”

Awesome Butterfield Quotes:

“I finally found a church full of people more crazier than I am- looord. Called Unitarians.”

“I tell ya what I took some home of there pamphlets and read em over. turns out half of thems witches, half of thems atheists, and the other half donts believe none of dat”

Interesting fact: Chuck Kipp (Betty Butterfield/Shirey Q-Liquor) was nominated by the Libertarian Party as their candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000

Screw anyone who thinks Butterfield is racist. Even though this video isn’t popular, I still love it: “Trailer Insurance”



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One Response to Betty Butterfield – Unitarian Church

  1. Miss Lady thang says:

    Man I love this bitch. Why didn’t he/she get into office???

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