Well Babe25 is back and this time she’s not singing or just performing some mundane feat for one of her many adoring fans. Instead she’s asking, well begging, well threatening (ok so I’m not exactly sure) ..but one thing is clear: Babe25 wants you to just leave her man alone! Oh, and have a nice day ya’ll! Only in Alabama.. (please take note of the huge Confederate Flag in the background)

This girl just rambles on and on about nothing substantial: “..if you can’t believe this then you don’t need to believe it at all.”

I think my favorite part is at the end. It’s not clear at first but she’s having major trouble shutting off the camera. Just keep waving!

Editor’s Note- I wanted to share a little background info about tosharmy (the poster of this video). Apparently this gap-toothed redneck girl is worshiped like a queen! This in itself is hilarious and was taken directly from their YouTube channel description:

“TOSH ARMY featuring Babe25 (aka Robin, Miss New Booty)

This site is owned and operated by the members of the .TOSH. army. Moderated by .TOSH.Emo_Eater (babes irl boyfriend yall and no lie) and babe25 herself!

We are the TOSH army and we are here to recruit you!

We are the official “crew” that serves the Queen of Stickam; Robin aka BABE25. We are family and we are TOSH for life.

NO YOU CAN NOT HAVE HER LINK… She does not want anyone to have it… think about it, duh!

Haters and Hackers GTFO

We are here for LOLZ and to praise Robin.

Robin is not retarded: she is a fully functioning redneck who can “scatt the best rhymes you’ve ever heard, and can entertain you to your minds content.”

If you mess with Robin… you mess with TOSH!!”



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