“See the stains? … That’s from me. Squirt’n. And that’s not pee that’s squirt.”

Babe25 is back! (Remember the gap-toothed, self-proclaimed “queen” of Stickam? This time we get an unwanted look into her sex life.. not only does she teach us how to squirt on a squirt pillow– we also get to see the stains, and find out just how far she can squirt. This is real. This crazy girl was recorded while talking to her friends on Stickam. WTF! Disturbingly hilarious. (Thankfully, does not include nudity)

“These pillows are flat as a doornail.”
“I push. Until I squirt. That’s how ya do it, sis.”



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  1. Seriously?? This is wrong on many different levels. How old is this woman? Dear God she needs to see a dentist and stop talking on live chat.

  2. I can’t decided if this is a midget, 12 y.o girl, or some special ed creature. And why is her woman juice shooting out brown liquid? That’s sick. And she’s showing this to her friends on a live chat? WTF.

    Thanks for ruining my day. Love you

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