Snooki Update

It looks like Jersey Shore’s Snooki has resolved everything in court from her July 30th arrest for being annoying.

Although Snooki could have faced up to 90 days in jail, the court let her off pretty easy. According to this E! Online article, all the criminal charges were dropped, but she does have to pay a $500 fine and must complete two days of community service (one of which she was already given credit for completing).

The article also claims that Judge Damian Murray told Snooki she was “acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe” and lectured Snooki that she should not be “going through life rude, profane, obnoxious and self-indulgent..

Smart and true words. But if Snooki stopped being annoying and causing drama.. how would she get a paycheck?

“Pornstar in Training”

Oh, there’s the answer..



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