Snooki Finally Arrested, Pleads Not Guilty

Back on July 30th, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, a cast member of the trashy, yet popular, MTV show “Jersey Shore,” was arrested in Seaside Heights, NJ. Yea, the picture makes it look like her outfit was the crime.. but the misdemeanor charges are for disorderly conduct, creating a nuisance on the beach, and here’s the best one.. annoying people.

It’s about time!! I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner.. to her or any other cast member.

Earlier that day, the self-proclaimed “guidette” had supposedly been seen taking body shots at a local bar, chugging soda from a beer bong (WTF), and falling over after trying to mount a bicycle. Once she was good and tipsy, she apparently did something to piss off the public and the Seaside Heights police officers that arrested her.

Late last week, on August 18th, Snooki pled not guilty against her charges.. despite the fact that she only faces fines with a total of a couple of hundred dollars if she is conficted. It also doesn’t help that there is this video of the bike incident, which will be strong evidence against her argument.

Instead of going all Lindsay Lohan and turning this into a huge legal fight (as she intends to do).. I say she just pleads guilty and move on. Pay the damn fines! It’s nothing serious and wouldn’t put a dent in her bank account. If you don’t want to be arrested, don’t go around being annoying. Her next court date is set for September 8.

Updates to come.

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