Willow Smith- I’m Pretty and Drama Follows Me

Willow smith's hair
A preteen battle of the sexes (with crazy grammar) recently emerged over a couple of comments and pictures regarding Willow Smith’s butch-ola cut. Whether you touch yourself to “Whip my hair” or not (I hate it with a passion); little girls should never shave the side of their head and form the remaining batch into an oil slick’d boz. Willow’s fashion is absolutely heinous too.

Previous Comments:

“wiiilllooowww is a stupid name but i see y she named that cuz she stupid she in 5 grade and she still dont know multipulcation”

“i bet she a boy thats y she shaved huh hair”

this bitch keep copying off rianna im sick a huh lesbien ass”



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  1. I honestly think that she’s a gorgeous little girl, but her hair dosent really let people see that =/

  2. not to be a hater but i dont like willow she not ugly,she sang good but its just she luk too womlish jada and will is wrong for that you let a nine year old shave her head and then put weave in it. i was like thats sad she is nine and luks twice her age. my favorite preteen is china anna mcclain. her hair is very long. she sings better and luks better.and i like her swagg. like i said not hating but i just dont like her.

  3. To demi wolf:
    your an idiot!! Before you try to proove a point why don’t you learn how to speak properly first because your just sounding like a damn fool! There was not one single sentance that actually made sense out of your whole little paragraph there. Other peope can have opinions and if they don’t agree with you then SO WHAT?? that’s called LIFE not everybody will always LOVE you and what you have to say!! If the person who created this article feels this way towards Willow’s apperance then so be it and shut your mouth!! :) @demi wolf

  4. yall jus som motha fucker haterz hu r jelous of willow!cuz ya nou she more fly den u!she only 9 wat da hell!ya need ta stop!du sa’in betta w/ ya life!btw ya asses need ta sat dwn somwhr cuz ya nou ya
    Cant sing,r haterz,r rude,nd r mad cuz ya ugly nd she pretty!nd dey aint no need to b callin c yrs. olds sluts,bitches,lesbians,nd wanabes jus cuz ya r.go ta thearapy,read a book nd go ta church nd stop actin lyk ya som little babyz!ya should nou better!ya jus mad cuz ya asses bald headed nd got no rythm!id b ryt w/ er wipn ma lucious hair unlyk u loserz hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha i culd du dis all day!hahahahahhhahahahahhaha bitheshahahahahahahahaha :D

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