Willow Smith- I’m Pretty and Drama Follows Me

Willow smith's hair
A preteen battle of the sexes (with crazy grammar) recently emerged over a couple of comments and pictures regarding Willow Smith’s butch-ola cut. Whether you touch yourself to “Whip my hair” or not (I hate it with a passion); little girls should never shave the side of their head and form the remaining batch into an oil slick’d boz. Willow’s fashion is absolutely heinous too.

Previous Comments:

“wiiilllooowww is a stupid name but i see y she named that cuz she stupid she in 5 grade and she still dont know multipulcation”

“i bet she a boy thats y she shaved huh hair”

this bitch keep copying off rianna im sick a huh lesbien ass”



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  1. well im not, sure of my view on her yet let me explain myself to all the people that like her, or dont or just dont think shes pretty…….im not sure if she is all that pretty you no like when you can look pretty in some pictures and ugly in other pictures i think its like that with her, so i think she can look pretty sometimes but you no like when you imagin a facial expression you do if real good and then when you look at it you dont like it too much and the same on the oposit side if you no what i mean, so i dont no im undecided she can be pretty in her videos and pics yet she can also be ungly now theres one thing i have decided tho some of her outfits……gtg lol no offense willow! but who dresses you im not sure but then again shes only young like me she will start to change thxs for reading this anyway and willow keep going at ur music do what u wanna do piece out lol

  2. wow itis really a shame what some people would post about a 10 year old girl she is adorable and non of you have any room to talk cause she the one makin money and if you dont like her so much then dont look at her or listen to her music she is very talented and who cares if her parents are famous she is the one that made her famous so shut the hell up talking about her……..n guys are really messed up in the head id you guys are calling a 10 year old a slut and a wanna be rhianna n lady gaga….willow smith has a mean as swagg and is a leader and she rockin her hair do…..and sense when do you have to be emo to cut the side of your hair………grow up get some class and stop wasting your life talking about somebody that is doing way better then yall so sit the fuck down and think for once……………………………………..

    • willow smith do you girl block them haterz out and hold her high just like your brother said the stars is where yall lay your head…enough said

    • So.. you think that any average ten-year-old can make themselves famous and achieve the amount of “high-quality” music and music videos without the help of their parents, or any adult for that matter, and without the help of money or an enormous trust fund? You’re an idiot. The whole principle behind this is the fact that this average girl wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for the fact that her parent’s are “celebrities.” She had to do no real work to get where she is besides come from the sperm of Will Smith. If that alone makes her worthy to hold the status she currently does.. then something is seriously wrong with the music industry. What happened to real talent and letting artists mature and develop their skills before presenting them to the public? Rozie.. like Willow Smith- you make me sick.

  3. willow smith is a Rihanna Wannabe she is the most anoying girl i have ever seen she looks like a friekin guy!!! i know she is 9 but really the people in my classes call her “the nine-year-old slut!”

  4. i was gonna cut my hair lyke this so dont talk smack on this gurl. we pretty and drama be followin us jus cuz we be flippin our hairs back and forth. we will snatch a bitch.

  5. i mean seriously shes wayyy too young to be a slut and to b singing some weird crap. imo her style is drag-queen worthy and her hair is just from the dumps. i mean, she doesnt even have boobs yet and she expects fans?! wtheck?!

  6. She’s bloody annoying, is clearly dressed by her rihanna-wannabe mom (though why every black woman in pop wants to look like a lesbian these days is something beyond me) and needs a thorough whipping (not of her hair, but of her in general!). The only thing I think of when I see her is – 1) its not a good thing that I can’t tell her gender at this age 2) Have you finished learning your multiplication table? This is a perfect example of a train-wreck of a kid.

  7. Omg totally agree! Who else would be famous by singing this song?! Only because her dad is famous! She fell ASLEEP when Jay-Z said he wanted to make her a star! How rude and ungrateful!!!

  8. I really hate to say this – but it must be said. Willow Smith is not a pretty girl. She has large ears just like her father and the poor girls sense of style is – I don’t know – dikish??? I can’t stand to look at her – she is NOT easy on the eyes!!!

        • This is a website to post opinions but really ppl she is only 9 give he a break….it her parents that allow her to appear in a way that makes her look that way….and so what if she chooses a life that isn’t what some of you would approve of…she isn’t yours to worry about…Leave this child alone…Cant say good things about her then shut the hell up….

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