Perfect Skin. The Kardashian sister’s new skin care line.

Perfect skin or perfect crap? Who the hell knows. It looks like proactive with a new label & the Kardashian sisters endorsing it. I’ve only seen it on late night drunken infomercials.. and couldn’t turn it off for unknown reasons. Does anyone know if it works?

The following clip is rather appealing since they are making fun of themselves and its the most set up random crap I’ve ever seen. But I must say- I have a love/hate relationship with the Kardashians. Khloe is awesome. Who can resist 3 sexy hot “Turkish Armenian, Russian Armenian, Scottish and Dutch” blend goddesses?

Of course this shit will sell. The Kardashaians are genius. Cashing in on retarded America is “in” right now! But if they say “Perfect Skin” in this infomercial one more time- I might commit suicide.



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  1. I used perfect skin and it was just as effective as putting a thin coat of aloe on your face. For a beautiful cheap alternative to expensive & shitty anti-aging products, USE aloe. Aloe will NOT make you break out and will make your face feel tight and sexy. K….that’s all. I use it everyday and I look young and sexy. (not slutty)

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