Mariah Carey at an Award Show – It must be the weed. It must be the E

Maybe it’s just the cocaine and alcohol?

Yes, it is old news that Mariah wrote a song about Eminem and his “obsession” with her.. however, Mariah is the ones who’s trippin’… Fo real.

First off, who the F names their album “The Emancipation of Mimi…and then calls their second album E=Mc2… translating to Emancipation=Mariah Carey Squared.  Only someone high as hell would come up with such a non-legitimate and meaningless album title.

Remember when Mariah was on MTV cribs showing off her NYC Penthouse?  She changed outfits for every room.  This was because she wanted her outfit to match the atmosphere and presence of the room.  It was basically a huge Mariah slut show with the ultimate finale.  The tour ends in her bathroom with Mariah in a robe.. then she gets in the tub while wearing the towel (like a freak) and says goodbye. Who does that?

And not to mention her ridiculous moments at award shows, film festivals, and clubs. Now it’s clear how she always hits that high note that we have been listening to in every song she has produced for the past 20 years. She must do a crap load of cocaine, swig some red wine, and the hit that baby “ehheheheheheeeeee.”

Let’s make it clear that Mariah Carey is a savior and Goddess- but we all know she has a bowl of coke in her living room and she’s completely out of her face.


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  1. i tink da big shtory here is this vid is from ebaums world. as in spase peepole, end of the world etc. who even knew that website existed anymore?

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