Lindsey Lohan quits drugs!! (ok jk)

Lohan arrest warrant

We were just about to send Lindsay Lohan a cool T-shirt until we heard she might be locked up!   There is an arrest warrant out for Lindsay Lohan.  She failed to appear in US court because she is in France.  Why?  Because she can’t find her passport.

As described by the source: “I don’t know if it was stolen or lost, misplaced,” Holley said. “It’s gone.”

That statement translates to:  “I was drugged up and wasted.  Who the hell knows where that thing went!”

Lohan as a child

Does this surprise anyone?  Remember when Lohan was once a mild child on The Parent Trap?

lindsey lohan lesbian

Then 500 things happened & she turned into a crazy lesbian with some strung-out DJ that looks like a man-woman.

Then she released a shitty album, turned super gross, and now LiLo can’t find her passport.

lindsey lohan drunk


sexy lil thang

This is why- Polly & Crackers loves Lindsay Lohan.


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