Katy Perry shows Elmo her boobs!?

So earlier this week, this YouTube video was released of part of Katy Perry’s guest appearance on “Sesame Street.” In the clip, she is singing a clean, kid-oriented version of “Hot N Cold” with Elmo. A Gawker article called “Katy Perry’s Boobs Guest Star on Sesame Street” was soon released that over-sensationalized Katy’s outfit and said that she should “cover-up more.” Even though Katy’s no more exposed than a figure skater or even a school teacher (she’s wearing a mesh top that goes up to her neck!), parents started to freak out. The video received a verbal trashing by overly-concerned parents who thought Katy was showing too much. Therefore, the producers announced they would not air the clip in it’s intended episode.

Since Katy’s outfit really isn’t that bad, there seems to be at least one other reason for the controversy. I’m guessing it’s because these concerned parents do not want their kids watching Elmo play dress-up with a woman that sings “I Kissed a Girl,” “Peacock [cock cock],” and other sexually scandalous songs.

I mean come on.. either way, the pre-schoolers that watch sesame street aren’t going to be paying any attention to her tits or her other songs. Hell, I couldn’t even find good lyrics I could turn into cheap, sexual puns. So all these reasons for “controversy” are dumb. (And this is coming from someone who thinks Miley Cyrus is too slutty for her young age)

The only really bad thing about this song is that it’s catchy. I’m going around singing “you don’t really wanna play, no” in a high-pitched voice. NOT COOL.


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