Now Jay-Z is Turning to Pre-teens

Apparently Jay-Z has signed Willow [Will Smith’s daughter] to his label, Roc Nation. Her first single “Whip My Hair” has been blowing up across the internet this past month. She’s got talent, but she looks like a preteen with an overly ginormous lesbian haircut. I’m scared to see what it looks like when she gets around to inevitably making the music video.

I knew global sex trafficking was on the rise…but not thug rappers testing the limits of creepy. First Usher’s nonsense with Justin Bieber.. now Jay-Z is after a 9-year-old.



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  1. shutup people she if she wants to experiment then let her be,
    Besides she is not the only one with a shaved head and dating girls. I’m 13 and have shaved my head this and kissed a girl cos I was experimenting so there it is. Xx

  2. 1. She’s 11 years old.
    2. She doesn’t know what she wants and she shouldn’t know at that age.
    3. Those haircut have been worn by many celebrities, even her mother.
    4. Don’t assume she’s lesbian because you don’t know a thing about her.
    5. If she’s lesbian, that’s her business, not yours.
    Seriously guys, are you really that worked up over an 11 years old’s life? If she wants to wear her hair in a “lesbo” style, let her. If she wants to flaunt fake piercings, let her. It’s her body and she can do whatever she pleases with it.

  3. This article as a whole is so fucking disgusting. She has actual talent and someone recognized it soo.. what’s wrong with that? Also – way to just label this kid. SHE’S 9 YEARS OLD – let her do whatever the fuck she wants to do without the criticism.
    Speaking of criticism, you have no reason to be criticizing other people when YOU can’t even fucking spell. “Updated alot.” yeah. wow. A LOT IS TWO FUCKING WORDS, RETARD.

  4. As a lesbian myself.. I assure you that Willow Smith will start liking the vag as soon as she grows her first pube

  5. that bitch is a hooooe ok she too young to be looking like that.Im with liza cuz im not a hater i want my dreams to come true.Maybe im a little jealous.

    • Yessss B I T CH Wtfff youuu are moreee thenn a little Jealous causeee i meannn likeee you mad cause her & her parents gettin MONEY out here anddd you CHAMP hatinggg on a fuckkinnnn 9 year OLD

  6. I find she can really sing and her vocals are good right now but it’s only gonna get even better as she gets older and i’m looking forward to seeing what she can do next, hopefully she will bring some spice to Hollywood cause it needs a touch up. I’m not a hater, i like seeing peoples dreams come true beacsue it gives me hope for mine and i wish her luck in the future.

  7. I HATE that song and it hasn’t even officially come out yet. I can picture the disgusting crack whores throwing themselves around a dance floor to this already. disgusting…..also those ears are SERIOUS. damahhh

    • Wow. Way to hate on girls. There’s no reason for it you know. Deal with your own issues and you’ll find that you won’t care so much about what other people do or don’t do. Also – did YOU ever write a song at 9? Just be proud that she is getting attention. It’s awesome! Someone taught this girl right! Gave her encouragement! All little girls should get that. I think there would be WAY less girl hate if that happened. Just be cool to each other.

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