Cyrus takes a bong hit of salvia

Miley Cyrus takes a bong hit of salviaIf you’ve ever taken a hit of Salvia, you know that the universe divides, you start drooling a bit, and your body becomes a hot, sweaty mess. Did I mention it is probably more intense than a full blown acid trip? It’s an absolutely insane psychedelic ordeal that only lasts a couple of minutes.

Freshly 18, Miley Cyrus decided to try a hit while someone recorded it. Who the F would let someone video tape that and not know it’s going to be released the next day?! That’s like trying to hide a celeb sex tape. Doesn’t happen. The video was posted this past Friday on Her laugh while she’s “high” is so obnoxious that I really would like to hang out with her.

Since the video, California Assemblyman Anthony Adams is trying to outlaw salvia (it’s already illegal in some states) fear that kids across America will become more f’d up than they already are. Billy Ray, Cyrus’s dad is “sad” about the incident.

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