Crazy Eyes Ramona Singer an Alcoholic Amphetamine Girl?

Real housewife, Ramona Singer, is absolutely insane. Although I presumed she was an amphetamine girl after season one of Real Housewives NYC, she appears to have turned into a full blown tweaking meth head. She must down Pino Grigio 24/7 and snort Adderall. Here’s a look at her infamous crazy eyes, as well as a video of her heinous runway walk. What the hell is up with her?

Who the hell runways like this unless you’re a serial killer? 

For an interesting psychological breakdown on the Real Housewives cast, visit A Real Housewife’s View.



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5 Responses to Crazy Eyes Ramona Singer an Alcoholic Amphetamine Girl?

  1. Dezzi says:

    I’m convinced she drinks and takes adderall.. because she acts like the majority of college students I know.

  2. lisa says:

    she always looks like she’s tweaking….I say it’s Meth or ADD meds….crazy eyes…

  3. Helen says:

    I’ve been clean for over 600 days and let me tell you she is doing serious drugs of some ort. Meth, prescrition drugs etc mixed with her tack pino is a bad cocktail. She’ll e dead if no one helps her and she’es certainly no Michael Jackson or Heath Ledger = who will talk about her and remember her for the good things?

  4. Ariel says:

    She’s either bat crazy or on some serious drugs. She’s constantly tweaking with every movement. People don’t twitch and tweak like she does apart from drugs. Not only does she act like a meth addict, she’s got a nasty personality to boot. Her husband probably is cheating on her. Then again, he’s certainly no prize himself.

  5. samatha jones says:

    she is one crazy son of a biach

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