Celebrity Potheads: Aniston, Timberlake, Montel… EVEN TWILIGHT GIRL

Although I’ve been scolded by my non-superior for posting in the “For Stoners” category too often, I must post some pics and comments on some of my favorite celebrity potheads. Good news stoners: almost every famous or successful person is a pothead. That’s because successful people are actually “sane” but classified as “insane” by society. These intellects must smoke tremendous amounts of pot just to deal with society. And to the conservative Catholics who fondle preteens and say that’s OK- chill out. Some of these are surprising… others not.

Chelsea Handler

Probably my favorite pothead. She frequently admits smoking up on her show and talks about it her books. One of her favorite memories is buying weed off of a surfer and smoking it with her Dad in Costa Rica.

Montel Williams

“I’ll smoked weed everyday until I drop dead.” -Montel Williams

Jennifer Aniston
America’s little sweetheart is so sweet because she’s always stoned. But when you’re sexy, cute, famous, and semi-innocent, who wouldn’t be.

Kristen Stewart

Well she had to be buzzed on something with all that drowsy eyed, monotone, vampire talk.

Justin Timberlake

Apparently he was stoned on MTV’s Punked. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must watch. Find it here.

Michael Phelps

Phelps started the “Phelps Foundations” in 2008 to promote swimming and a healthier lifestyle. He also holds 8 Olympic gold metals.

Barack Obama

Obama admits to smoking pot and “maybe a little blow.” Don’t worry though, our President has NOT tried heroin. Why? Because he didn’t like the guy who was pushing it on him. [Proof]

Paris Hilton

I would be frightened if Paris wasn’t on the list. Paris claims she has quit smoking pot though because it was making her fat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold is a smoking phene and one crazy son of a b##&!. You can watch his interview and smoke session here.

Bill Gates

Only one of the most successful people of all time smokes the refer… but we should make it illegal and allow cigarettes and alcohol. At least alcohol provides DWI’s, disease, alcoholism, abuse, violence, vomiting, and…

Stephen Colbert

Colbert says that smoking marijuana in high school influenced his comedy. I love that he smokes frequently and can still spew out a rampage of words faster than anyone I know.

Lindsay Lohan

…as mentioned earlier, some on this list are more obvious than others.

This post brought to you by Polly & Crackers: Not Slutty. Classy & Sexy.


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