Kard Kardashian: Lawsuit for 75 million $$$

The Kardashians put a stop to their new prepaid debit card “Kard Kardashian.” They said it was due to predatory fees that would take away their image. Now they face a 75 million dollar lawsuit.

Who the hell even knew these bioch’s were coming out with a card? I bet Khloe put a stop to this because she’s the only semi-ethical man-woman in the family. The Kardashian sister’s were starting to turn into scam nation! Perfect skin, debit cards, what next?

As stated by CNN, “Based on the initial success of the card and the success of other comparable cards, like Russell Simmon’s Rush Card, the Revenue Resource Group expected to make $75 million from the card during the two-year contract, and the starlets were likely to have made a combined amount of between $40 and $60 million, said Miller.”


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