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  • TSA Christmas Carol

    Hilarious CGI music video by New Media Animators ( that flames the new pat-down and body scan methods used by the TSA (Total Sexual Assault). The lyrics are straight-forward and honest, pointing out how invasive and ridiculous airport security has become. Using the holiday tune of Jingle Bells, they bring humor to the disgusting (& […]

  • Off Planet Films – New Year’s Eve

    Two funny New Year’s Eve videos by Off Planet Films. These Austrailian-based animators use dark comedy and cardboard to create their twisted cartoons. The first video is from their Tortures for Flies animated series, which teaches you how to be “phenomenally creative in your pest control efforts.” They also have their own website under this […]

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  • ASDF movies 1 – 3

    These random ass cartoons are stupid but hilarious. Three animated short sketches of stick men that were created by YouTube user TomSka. asdfmovie Trendingasdf movie 3asdf movies asdf moviesasdf cartoonsyoutube funny ass stick menasdfmovie 3asdfmovies

  • Stan the Superhero

    So everyone knows what’s going on in this short animation- in the retro movie “Total Recall,” Arnold Schwarzenegger’s eyes pop out of his sockets after he is exposed to the low air pressure of Mars. This short cartoon uploaded by Bing (YouTuber slomozovo) similarly (but comically) depicts what most people believe would happen to someone […]

  • Llamas with Hats #1

    Caaaarrrrlllll Carl’s roommate finds a dead human body with missing hands (and 37 stab wounds) lying in their house. This is the first episode of Llamas with Hats by Jason Steele (YouTube user SecretAgentBob). “My stomach was making the rumblies, that only hands can satisfy” Click here to see other Llamas with Hats videos. Trendingllamas […]

  • Llamas with Hats #4

    The fourth, and latest, episode of Llamas with Hats by Jason Steele (YouTube user SecretAgentBob). He is the popular cartoonist best known for Charlie the Unicorn and also has his own website at In this animated short, Carl the Llama, a self-pronounced “dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence,” wishes his llama friend […]

  • Finger Prince – Naughty Cartoon

    Dirty joke hidden within the old cartoon series “Animaniacs.” Yakko tells Dot to go dust for prints, but she comes back with the legendary pop musician instead.. Trendingnaughty cartoonnaughty cartoonsfunny naughty cartoonsnaughty cartoon videoscartoon naughtynaughtycartoonanimaniacs finger princecartoons naughty

  • Planet Unicorn

    Hilarious video following the adventures of three unicorns. Created by Mike Rose and Tyler Spiers. Give it up for Feathers, Cadillac, and Tom Cruise. (I like the one that sounds like Fez) “In the year 2117 an eight-year-old gay boy named Shannon found a magic lamp. He was granted three wishes. The first: A fur […]