Category: Pissed N’ Angry

  • Sore Loser Beats Up Son

    Is this guy serious? Steven Wilson is the name of the 52-year-old “father” who was seen assaulting his son in the hallway of his high school. Parents reported that Wilson and his eighth-grade son were walking down the hallway when Wilson forcefully grabbed his son’s arm and began punching him the face repeatedly. Parents had to intervene […]

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  • An Open Letter To Chick-Fil-A

    Earlier this year, it came to light that the popular fast food chain, Chick-Fil-A, openly supports anti-gay organizations and condemns the homosexual lifestyle. Finally, people have started to take more notice of the restaurant’s bigoted views. The following open letter to Chick-Fil-A has been making it’s rounds on the internet lately after being published on […]

  • BP Oil Spill – Alright, I’m Pissed

    – That’s for you, Tony Hayward – Meet baby ‘Tisha. She is a new-born Floridian who, thanks to the greedy ##&!s at BP, is going to grow into an oil-covered mutant with three boobs, a split tongue, and dysfunctional kidneys [think “Splice,” but actually scary]. And like me, she’s super-pissed about the current environmental disaster […]

  • George Takei vs Anti-Gay Douchebag, Clint McCance

    Background: Recently, in late October, an Arkansas School Board member, Clint McCance, made a complete ass of himself through sickening and hateful anti-gay comments that he made public on Facebook. His outburst was sparked by a simple request to wear purple to support the LGBT students who are victims of bullying. He started off by […]

  • BP Photo Hunt!

    Originally posted 07/22/2010.. Gulf Oil Spill Day 94 Earlier this week, BP was once again caught lying to the public, this time indirectly, through doctored images the oil giant has been posting across their official response website. Below is the altered picture of BP’s crisis command center, followed by what the company claims is the […]

  • US Government and BP ignore health issues, censor and blackout media, lie to public, concerning Gulf oil spill disaster

    * Originally posted 06/28/2010 ** Content last, but not thoroughly, updated 7/23/2010 – Gulf Oil Spill Day 95 *** For the latest blog posts & updates, click here. The title is a pretty strong accusation, and one that I am passionate about. After my first blog post on the subject, I gradually became obsessed with […]

  • Does Anyone Remember Zima?

    Remember kick’n it with a Zima? It had that distinct aftertaste that resembled a combination of throw-up, metal, and wine.  To mask the taste- you could put a jolly rancher in it…and be REALLY cool.  One of my favorite features was the rigid bottle design.  The bottle effortlessly refracted light like a cheap gem necklace […]