Category: Holiday Spirit

  • Happy Halloween! Lets Dress like Streetwalkers.

    Hey Ladies. It’s Halloween. Lets dress like streetwalkers. When did that lil bow peep costume go from adorable to absolute whore? Maybe it’s because I’m getting ancient—having already gone through one quarter-life crisis, two Bush presidencies and a handful of dial-up connections… but I swear there was a time when Halloween wasn’t about who could […]

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  • Trick-or-Treating with celebs

    Funny video of what it would be like if kids went to trick-or-treat at celebrities’ houses and what candy the celebs would give out. An original video by College Humor. Featuring the Situation, Ke$sha, Tony Hayward, and Lebron James.. among others. Hilarious one-liners that peg the celebs dead-on. OPRAH: “You get a Butterfinger. You get […]

  • Halloween Pumpkin Massacre

    Almost time for one of my favorite holidays! Here’s a funny, yet slightly disturbing video by JibJab. “In this hilarious clip two unsuspecting pumpkins are horrified to learn of their Halloween fate…” “She better be careful with that.. That thing looks sharp.”

  • Happy Pi Day!

    That’s right, my fellow nerds, it’s that time of year again. Pi Day! See, March 14 = 03/14 or 3.14. Yeah, even nerds get bored now and then. Here’s my favorite pi-related music video to watch while you eat tons of pie and work on memorizing the digits of pi: Y’all should really read the […]

  • Scary Mary (Poppins)

    4 more days until Halloween! Horror movie trailer spoof for “Scary Mary” using scenes cut from Disney’s “Mary Poppins“. Funny video recut by Chris Rule. This was very well done and has obviously been a YouTube hit: