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  • Betty White on SNL = Genius!

    This may be the best thing we’ve seen in a long time!  Betty White talking about her “muffin” on SNL.  This video goes from Mild to WILD after 2 min. This is definitely a must watch. Trendingbetty white snl muffin youtubebetty white muffin skitbetty white snl muffin skitbetty white snl muffin skit youtubebetty white muffin skit […]

  • Rihanna & Shy Ronnie – Robbing a bank

    SNL digital short featuring Rihanna and Andy Samberg (as Shy Ronnie). Funny music video based off Bonnie (Shy Ronnie, hence the skirt) and Clyde (Rihanna).. the duo get vocal as they are robbing a bank, but Ronnie is too shy to sing in front of Rihanna. TrendingRihanna & Shy Ronnie- Robbing a bank lyricsrihanna robbing […]

  • Dick in a Box

    If you’re a guy (or a chick with a dick) and don’t know of a present to get your loved one for Christmas, look no further. Just follow these simple instructions to make the perfect gift: 1. cut a hole in a box 2. put your junk in that box 3. make her open the […]