Category: Funny or Die

  • Creepy Hand Model

    What a self-absorbed hand creep! Ellen Sirot talks to an interviewer about her career as a hand model. She details how she constantly wears gloves and never uses her hands in a way that will make you want to punch her. “No cooking, no cleaning, no taking out the garbage.. no opening the windows.” The […]

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  • How Michele Bachmann Copes With Migraines

    This funny sketch by Funny or Die shows Michele Bachmann, the racist and homophobic female politician who wants to be President, and how she makes it through her a speech while suffering from incapacitating headaches. Her secret? Help from her flaming, yet somehow anti-gay, husband, Marcus Bachmann.. and a lot of drugs. Erin Gibson and […]

  • Crocodile Tears with Topher Grace & Dan Fogler

    Topher and Fogler are nice enough actors to work with.. until they’re disturbed by a cell phone ringing mid-scene. Then things get a little crazy. The ending is predictable but the build-up is hilarious in this original exclusive from Funny or Die. “I’m going to come to your house tonight and murder you when you’re […]

  • Will Ferrell, the landlord

    The Landlord – Will Ferrell

    Old but classic original from Funny or Die. Will Ferrell must face his nasty landlord, Pearl when his rent is past due.. Not only is she 2-years-old, but she’s a drunken, shady bitch. (She’s also Will Ferrell’s real life daughter!) “I want my money, bitch!” “I need to get my drink on” Trendingpearl the landlord […]

  • Michele Bachmann’s ‘Newsweek’ Photo Shoot – Behind The Scenes

    There’s been a lot of controversy over a recent cover of Newsweek which featured a very unflattering picture of Michele Bachmann looking as crazy as ever with the caption: “The Queen of Rage.” After the publication came under fire by conservatives for the picture choice, Newsweek editor Tina Brown defended the photo by saying that […]

  • Nuthin’ But A Glee Thang

    The cast of GLEE (Heather Morris, Matthe Morrison & Cody Monteith) parody Dr. Dre’s classic hit “Nuthin’ but a G thang.” Also features the sexy and funny Sofia Vergara from ABC’s Modern Family. Lyrics written by Heather Morris. Trendingnuthin but a glee thang

  • Eva Mendes S.EX. Tape

    Eva Mendes stars in this Funny or Die original where she promotes her flexible, sticky commodity. After seeing all the Google searches on a product that didn’t even exist yet, Eva decided it was time to cash in and produce some sex tape. Hilarious, self-aware spoof on home-made celebrity porn. Click here for more of […]

  • Death Bed Subtext

    Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth get some acting advice on the importance of sexual subtext from a perverted director in this hilarious sketch from Funny or Die.