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Funniest videos from College Humor

  • Hate Weird Facebook Guys

    Hilarious song spoof with the lyrics set to Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie.” Original music video from College Humor. Also includes a brief special appearance by Bo Burnham. “Don’t understand why there’s ten replies. It’s not like I ever met you in real life” Trendinghate weird facebook guys lyricsfacebook guys lyricsi hate weird facebook […]

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  • Very Mary Kate: Gold Rush

    Mary Kate Olson and her college professor review a paper the actress wrote on the gold rush. Elaine Carroll stars as the Olson twin in this funny original video from College Humor’s Very Mary Kate mini-series. Click here for more of the Best of Very Mary Kate

  • Siri Argument. Original College Humor Video

    A new way to communicate with your spouse. This video started out like “wtf,” then got funny quickly. At least you can now use a digital middleman/woman as your breakup assistant. College Humor presents: Siri Argument: Trendingsiri breakupSiri breakup videosiri breakup collegehumoralgo-timewarner_ifcollege humor siri break upsiri break up videocollegehumor siri break upsiri college humor youtube

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    The Problem with Jeggings

    Oh, the crazy & ever-changing world of fashion. Let’s hope none of these clothing nightmares ever come into existence. (Too late on the jeggings) “You in the back.. is that a shirt with the boobs cut out?” “It’s a W-neck!” Trendingthe problem with jeggings uncensoredthe problem with jeggings unblurredthe problem with jeggingsproblem with jeggings uncensoredproblems […]

  • E-Trade Baby Loses Everything

    With all the talk this morning about the US bound for a double-dip depression, this hilarious commercial spoof by CollegeHumor couldn’t be more appropriate. E-trade, an online stock trading, online investing, and online broker company, features a talking baby in their commercials to exemplify how easy their site is to use. However, in today’s failing […]