Must watch: Supermom putting triplet babies and toddler to bed goes viral

Being a mother is no easy task and some might say a toddler running around doing all kind of crazy stuff is enough. But what do you do when you multiply all that craziness by 4? You do a viral video, that’s what! A Canadian super mom (because there’s no other way of calling this force of nature) gives

all of us a lesson on how to put your 8 months old triplet babies and 2 years old toddler to bed, all with a big smile on her face.

The happy Canadian couple posted the video on their Facebook page and it instantly went viral reaching over 65 million views and amazing reactions from around the world. While some were too quick to judge as to why the father wasn’t helping, he assured everyone they usually do all of this together and then promised a sequel with him as the super-dad taking care of their four children and getting them ready for bed.

Even though parents said the whole thing took around 6 minutes, the video is just 2 minutes long and worth watching over and over again, especially if you’re thinking about having more than 2 kids. Can you imagine what’s going to happen in 2 years from now when the triplets are going to be 3 years old and the big sister 4? That’s going to be a hell of a race and I for one hope we’ll get another one of this videos.

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