• F*cksquare? Hell yeah!

    As a burgeoning foursquare addict myself, I had to laugh. For those of you who don’t know what it is, Foursquare is a smart phone app that allows users to check in at locations and venues, meet up with friends, leave tips, and unlock badges & earn points as you explore your city/town/area/neighborhood. You can […]

  • Nerd win – Funny Pie Graph

    I actually really liked organic chemistry, so I remember all too well just how obnoxiously often you have to draw hexagonal rings of carbon and stuff. God, I feel like such a nerd now. Yeah, even more than usual. Trendingorganic chemistry pie chart

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  • JC Penny thinks like The Lonely Island – Funny Ad

    It took me literally 2 seconds, if that, to think of this. We’ve all seen this, right? Well, apparently, now my dick comes in several severed pieces–and boxes!! I enjoyed the quick lulz. Luckily my camera phone was already in hand from other, less lulzy, picture taking.