Kiki Amor


    Our favorite cross-dressing Asian boy is back! This time he’s dancing and lip syncing to “Express” a fiery love song sung by Christina Aguilera in “Burlesque!” (Check out this kid’s original videos here) This time whoever is forcing this little guy to make these videos (evil Mom? Sister?) has taken it to the next level. […]

  • SKEWED Video: Cunningham Muffins

    Funny commercial spoof for the new flavors from Cunningham Muffins. Liam Kyle Sullivan, the comedian better known as Kelly, is the sicko behind this funny video. Like Shoes, this was a huge hit a few years ago and was an instant classic. Delicious examples include: fish, paper-clip, cartoon, Israeli-Palestinian conflict muffins, and asbestos (Caution: may […]

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  • Creepy Hand Model

    What a self-absorbed hand creep! Ellen Sirot talks to an interviewer about her career as a hand model. She details how she constantly wears gloves and never uses her hands in a way that will make you want to punch her. “No cooking, no cleaning, no taking out the garbage.. no opening the windows.” The […]

  • Name Something that gets Passed Around – Family Feud

    Hilarious clip from a recent Family Feud where Steve Harvey asks the contestants to name “something that gets passed around” for the Top 6 chart. Trendingname something to help you through a lonely nightname something you associate with hells angelsname something to help you through a lonely night family feudyhs-ifm1family feud name something to help […]

  • Willow Smith is Poisoning Youth: “21st Century Girl” & “Whip My Hair”

    Just when you thought “Whip My Hair” couldn’t get any worse, Willow Smith comes out with some new BS. First off- why does 21st Century Girl need a 7 min African intro followed by Willow Smith fox trotting in erotic fashions? And since when is Willow Smith a native African 21st Century Girl that’s on […]

  • 15-year-old has sex with over 800 people!

    This spoof of the Maury Show is dead-on. OK, OK.. maybe it’s a little exaggerated. But honestly, after seeing the trashy people the show features and hearing about their absurd and twisted lives.. I could easily picture this as being real. This parody is probably based off a real episode from the daytime talk show […]

  • Fancy Catz – Dedicated to Kitty Corruption?

    A psycho lady decides to make a “Fancy Cats” website dedicated to talented and funny cats, similar to IcanHazCheezburger. Raging like a bitch, she tries to get her poor kittehs to pose for LOL catz funny pictures. Hilarious example of what some crazy people probably go through to take those pics. I love it when […]