• Why Your Mane Shouldn’t Be Maintained!

    Now this is something fascinating to know! For those of you who think you have to look fashionable: then this article of learning a super cool new human power is not for you. If you’re anything like me and think long hair is awesome and super, then read on! I don’t know about some of […]

  • Oh No He Didn’t! Little Boy Defends His Lesbian Mother Against Michele Bachmann

    An 8-year-old South Carolinian boy tells Michele Bachmann, “My Mommy doesn’t need fixing!” at a book signing she had recently promoting her new book titled, “Core of Conviction: My Story”. The boy, timid and shy, had no problem after a little coaxing to say: “My Mommy, Miss Bachmann, my Mommy is gay but she doesn’t need fixing.” […]

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