• Mini Daddy- The Most Beautiful Boy…

    I am working on finding a translator but as far as I can tell Daddy Yankee had an illegitimate child (Adriansito) while on tour in Puerto Rico. Much to my surprise (like Willow Smith and Justin Bieber) this kid’s song seems to have a strange effect over people. After watching the video, I am still unsure […]

  • Turquoise Jeep – Lemme Smang It Girl

    In my never ending quest to find the cialis 10mg the hottest new up-and-coming artists, I came across Turquoise Jeep. order viagra 50mg Beep Beep… The song is a collaboration between Yung Humma (he’s so smooth and mellow) and Flynt Flossy (who looks exactly like the comedian Charlie Murphy.. the brother of Eddie Murphy who […]

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    This lady blows a mean turkey call…

    OK, so it’s a cheap laugh. However, the co-host of San Diego Living is a dirty ##&! because clearly she was just shown how to use the turkey call but once she takes it she immediately puts it up to her mouth and mimics fellatio. writing resources – how to write an apa style research […]

  • He's Buckets of… FUN

    “I’m Mr. cheap cialis sale online no prescription Bucket. Put your balls in my mouth.” I don’t know who remembers this game, but it was definitely pretty popular in my day. Looking back on it is a little scary. The rules are pretty simple. homework help Rule number one: be the first to get your […]

  • Keep Clowning Around..

    Brazil has elected Tiririca, a televised clown, as a federal deputy for cialis sale usa Sao Paulo. He won with 1.3 million votes. This was more than double the votes of the second-placed candidate in Brazil’s most populous state. essay about helping others Although Francisco Oliveira Silva started his career as a circus clown, […]

  • “He will come out of the movies and kick my ask!”

    Not sure if she’s talking about Freddy Krueger, Jason, or the Lawnmower Man… But this little girl is set on one thing…  It’s either ass kickings or lollipops and I don’t think she’s in the mood to share her lollipops with a monster from the movies. Spoiler Alert: Fear not.. mommy finally makes a correction […]

  • Here comes the "Ice Cream Truck"!

    We all remember hearing that sound coming down the street and being so excited… There was something for everything once it got there! Well if you had enough money… I think Eddie Murphy may have said it best, “They could hear it from ten blocks away. They didn’t hear their Mommas callin em but they […]