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We’re proud to say that bestfunnyblog is a rapidly growing website that is viewed by an ever-increasing number of people around the world each day. Our high traffic volume provides a great opportunity for companies who want to get the word out about their website and/or product. There are a couple of different ways for you to advertise through bestfunnyblog:

Ad Spots
We have three different areas you can advertise with an image. This includes the long banner at the top of the site, the top ad on the right sidebar, and the top ad on the left sidebar. These are the most effective forms of advertisement, as your ad will always be visible no matter what page our visitors land on.

Top Banner: 728×90 px // 1 month // $150

Sidebar Ads: 200×200 px // 1 month // $75 :  160×600 px // 1 month // $100

All image ads will remain on our blog for exactly 30 days after they are published. You must provide your own graphic saved in the .jpg format.

Paid Blog Posts
In a humorous way, we will review or expose your site/product (or even YouTube channel) in a customized blog post. The post will be featured on our front page for one week. After the week has expired, it will remain published and accessible but will be moved to the archives with our other older posts. [View examples here]

The blog post can include up to 3 links to your site through keywords you specify. We will also use one image that will link directly to your site (or requested destination).

The base cost for a paid blog post is $50. The price may increase if you request additional links and/or images.

Our Site Statistics for May 2011
* 31,937 unique IP visitors total
* Average of 1000+ unique visitors per day
* 46,906 total page views

All payments will be accepted via PayPal and the advertisement will be published in 1-2 business days after we’ve received the funds. Once the ad or post has been published, no refunds will be granted.

If you are interested, please send a detailed email to: info[at]bestfunnyblog[dot]com. Please specify which form of advertising you are interested in and what you will be promoting. We reserve the right to pick-and-choose who advertises on our blog.