VIDEO // Ridiculous Kid Voguing

Child dances “sexy” in front of an 80′s skyline.

Reasons Why Planet Fitness is NOT Legit

Before I begin making fun of Planet Fitness, one of the worst gyms in existence, I must admit that I did once have a membership there [how else would I know it sucks?] But I have since been freed and go to a new gym [with classes!] All of the following pictures are straight from my phone:

1. Pizza Monday

Welcome to Planet Fatness, where on the first Monday night of each month you’re presented with stacks of greasy pizza boxes as soon as you walk in the door. On the first Tuesday morning, it’s bagels. These little “perks” have got to be two of the most hypocritical, counter-productive selling-points of a “health club” that I’ve ever seen. I mean.. seriously?! With free Pizza Monday’s and Bagel Tuesday’s.. you’re more likely to put on an ass than lose it at Planet Fitness. Continue reading

Gangster Mom.. OR SOMETHING


“See the stains? … That’s from me. Squirt’n. And that’s not pee that’s squirt.”

Babe25 is back! (Remember the gap-toothed, self-proclaimed “queen” of Stickam? This time we get an unwanted look into her sex life.. not only does she teach us how to squirt on a squirt pillow- we also get to see the stains, and find out just how far she can squirt. This is real. This crazy girl was recorded while talking to her friends on Stickam. WTF! Disturbingly hilarious. (Thankfully, does not include nudity)

“These pillows are flat as a doornail.”
“I push. Until I squirt. That’s how ya do it, sis.”


My ADD usually kicks in around .7 seconds into watching any YouTube video and I get bored with it. Screw this. However, just watching this woman’s face and hair will be enough to get you to the funny part (about 1 min in) where she DUMPS AN ENTIRE F’ING LADLE into her mouth. The rest is absolutely rotten. Why would you wear a club top and then do the cinnamon challenge? Any remarks? I love this dumb B##&!

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This video is hands down, the best. I tried to call for an appointment but they never called back. Continue reading